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Server Rack Mount Air Conditoner

Server Rack Mount Air Conditoner
  • Server Rack Mount Air Conditoner
  • Server Rack Mount Air Conditoner
  • Server Rack Mount Air Conditoner
Product introduction:

Rack air conditioners, mainly used for rack server cooling nearby, will be embedded into the rack, energy efficient, safe, and reliable, with intelligent management, compact structure, and excellent workmanship, to meet the cooling needs of the frame entirely.

Rack Cooling Precision Air Conditoning Server Rack Mount Air Conditoner

High-efficiency DC inverter EC compressor, high precision electronic expansion valve, high-efficiency step-less speed control fan

Inverter series adopts high efficiency and environmental protection R410A refrigerant

Closed hot and cold channel isolation design, significantly improve the return air temperature, enhance the cooling efficiency, and reduce PUE

Efficient operation at partial load, while preventing condensation

Equipped with high and low-pressure protection switch, high and low temperature, high and low humidity alarm

Perfect diagnosis and automatic alarm function can more effectively prevent the occurrence of faults and more quickly find the location of spots, protect the unit in a comprehensive manner, and effectively
The service life of the air conditioning unit is effectively extended.

The indoor unit is equipped with a puller, which can be easily pulled out for installation and maintenance; the indoor unit's electric control box can be pulled out for easy inspection.

Support remote monitoring, provide RS485 interface, support MODBUS protocol


Server Rack Mount Air Conditoner

coolnet rack-mounted precision air conditioners are directly installed in cabinets, facilitating later expansion, unique airflow organization, natural hot and cold channel containment effect, no need to close cold and hot channels and raised floors; flexible installation time, can be later in the cabinet, communications equipment and other construction dates.
The whole series of inverter compressor design, electric control box with pull-out design for easy maintenance, support the unit in -35 ℃ low temperature environment operation, the whole series of products through the energy-saving certification.

Server Rack Mount Air Conditoner

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