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CN-GP Series Low Frequency Online UPS 10-160 Kva

Product introduction:

CN-GP series 10-400KVA power frequency UPS is a highly intelligent product integrating digitization, informatization and networking. It has a powerful information acquisition system, signal processing system, registration system and perfect protection system. Widely used in various electrical environments. Personalized design, powerful man-machine dialogue function, intuitive display screen and status indication monitoring interface make it very simple and convenient for users to operate and use.



Safety and Stability

• Full range of UPS power supply standard BCB components;

• Inner fan system redundancy design, greatly improve the system reliability;

• Built in output isolation transformer, can reduce the inverter influence from the voltage between“N” and ”PE”and the load harmonic current;

• Adopts DSP to realize fully digital control of all power conversion link, the UPS system are more stable;

• More than 90% system components adopt international famous brand, after 24 hours continuous working and relative test, to guarantee high reliability of the system.


High performance

• Super load adaptability and output overload and short circuit ability;

• Wide range of input voltage and frequency, high power grid adaptability;

• Super long normal working time without any fault, short repair service time;

• Output power factor as high as 0.9, Load capacity 12.5% higher than traditional UPS;

• Intelligent fault diagnosis, fault record, the large capacity of fault storage space;

• When connected to the harmonic filter, the input power factor can be as high as 0.95, input harmonic current is less than 4.5%.


• Environment friendly green UPS, with various harmonic restrain technology;

• 6-inch LCD display, friendly interface, easy to operate;

• Redundant control power, increase even higher system reliability;

• Non-master/ slaver digital intelligent parallel control, self-load share aIgorithm, parallel up to 8 units;

• Multi DSP, CPLD, MCU digital control, higher consistency and reliability;

• Advanced intelligent battery management, self-diagnose technology, extend battery life.


Medium-sized IDC data center.

Medium-sized network management system.

Billing center, bank/securities settlement center.

Industrial process control applications.

Traffic control and other fields.

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