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CN-UT Series High Frequency Tower UPS 30-200KVA

Product introduction:

CN-UT series 30-200KVA adopts double-conversion pure online structure, which is the most effective structure design to solve all power supply problems. Provide solutions for high voltage pulse, voltage fluctuation, surge voltage, harmonic distortion, clutter interference, frequency fluctuation and other conditions, and provide safe and reliable power supply for user loads.



■ Pure double conversion circuit architecture design;
■ DSP technology design ensures high efficiency; ■ Output power factor 0.9/1; ■ Wide input voltage range: 110-300VAC; ■ With active power factor correction; ■ Realize 50Hz/60Hz frequency conversion mode; ■ With ECO operation energy saving mode; ■ Emergency shutdown mode EPO; ■ SNMP+USB+RS232 multiple communication modes; ■ 3-stage scalable charging design optimizes battery performance; ■ The number of adjustable batteries is 32-44; ■ N+X parallel redundancy function (optional); ■ Optional output isolation transformer provides complete isolation and complete common mode interference rejection.


◆ Three-phase input/three-phase output pure online dual conversion product, support 380/400/415VAC, 50/60Hz power system that provide the best power quality and load protection; ◆ With comprehensive maintenance, support the way of up and down inlet wire; ◆ Adopt intelligent battery management program to extend the battery lifespan; ◆ With friendly man-machine interface, configured large-screen LCD touch screen and controllable keyboard that have rich information; ◆ Support LBS synchronic control; ◆ Support parallel operating and shared battery packs.


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