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Integrated Outdoor Online UPS 1-10KVA

Integrated Outdoor Online UPS 1-10KVA
  • Integrated Outdoor Online UPS 1-10KVA
  • Integrated Outdoor Online UPS 1-10KVA
  • Integrated Outdoor Online UPS 1-10KVA
Product introduction:

HW9110E series communication marginal network outdoor UPS is special for wireless communication system of outdoor micro cellular base station and design of a high-performance integrated outdoor online uninterrupted power supply system, has the very high technology advancement and practicability.

Integrated Outdoor Online UPS 1-10KVA 5G Base Station Power Supply

High Configuration

Adopts intelligent high-frequency online UPS and uninterrupted AC sine wave power supply.


Excellent Protection Performance

■ Double conversion on-line design, high temperature resistance, cold resistance, sealing grade IP55.


Widest Input Voltage

■ With the widest input voltage range and input frequency window (-45%+35% rated voltage and ±10% rated frequency).

■ Anti-theft Performance.

■ Professional anti-theft door locks and built-in door hinges are used to ensure the anti-theft performance of the single-cabin hybrid outdoor cabinet, and anti-theft barriers are installed in the battery area.


Protection Performance

■ Comprehensive grounding protection, optional lightning protection solutions such as Class B, B+C, C, etc., provide excellent protection performance for the equipment in the single-cabin hybrid outdoor cabinet.


Integrated Outdoor Online UPS 1-10KVA

>>The product is durable, anti-corrosion, and has a service life of 15 years.

>>Flexible and diverse product configurations.

>>Integrated temperature control system (fan, heat exchanger or air conditioner).

>>Using electrophoresis plus special outdoor powder to enhance outdoor corrosion resistance and UV resistance.

>>Anti-theft design, high anti-destructive coefficient.

>>The main equipment in the cabinet, the heating equipment and the wiring module are designed with sub-compartment, which is convenient for the grading maintenance in the future.

Integrated Outdoor Online UPS 1-10KVA

outdoor base stations, ETC toll stations.

Small and medium-capacity switching offices.

Network wave communications, satellite communications.

Data communications, data center and computer room.

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