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CN-UT Series Tower UPS 1-30KVA

Product introduction:

CN-UT series 1-30KVA is based on on-line double conversion technology, which is an ideal power supply solution for small-capacity scenarios, which can completely eliminate all kinds of power grid problems. Support tower installation, standard machine built-in battery.

▪True online double conversion ▪Microprocessor control technology guarantees high performance ▪Input power factor correction ▪Output power factor 0.8 ▪Wide input voltage (110 V to 300 V) ▪Efficient frequency conversion mode ▪ECO mode can effectively save energy (only for 1~3K models) ▪Compatible generator input ▪Optional exquisite SNMP card can monitor perfectly alone or together with USB and RS232 ▪Simple operation control through the display, and comprehensive display to monitor the UPS status
CN-UT series All intelligent high frequency pure online UPS, which are generally used on places required high quality electricity, such as hospital equipment, corporations, IT loading equipment, industrial computer terminal. As UPS inverter circuit always in a working state, the stored energy of UPS can be inverted and output alternating current without switching.
●Small and medium enterprises, branches of large enterprises, bank branches ●Network, communication system, automatic control system AC power supply ●AC power supply for precision instruments ●Large supermarkets, homes, offices and other AC power supply scenarios
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