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Solar & Grid Hybrid Solution For Telecom

Solar & Grid Hybrid Solution For Telecom
  • Solar & Grid Hybrid Solution For Telecom
Product introduction:

With modular design and robust operating capabilities, COOLNET's solar systems can be easily retrofitted onto existing infrastructure,resulting in reduced diesel use, longer service intervals and extended DG operating life. The solution will dramatically lower operating expenses, thereby simultaneously reducing logistic and security costs and concerns.
Our hybrid system can be integrated with diesel generators to form a hybrid off-grid system, increasing the flexibility and reliability of the entire micro grid system. lower dependency on fossil fuels will improve the resistance to risks caused by their volatle prices.

Solar & Grid Hybrid Solution For Telecom
■Adopt advanced MCU microprocessor control technology. ■Advanced MPPT Technology, High converting efficiency higher than 97% for minimizing energy loss. ■Reversed current protection at night, over voltage and reverse polarity protection. ■Capable of selecting different charging mode for various types of batteries. ■Protection degree:IP55. ■Industry-leading power density compact size and high reliability. ■Doorframe designed with waterproof structure, posted on the seal and equipped with waterproof lock on the door double insulation design. ■Cabinet adopt quality galvanized sheet or aluminum coated steel sheet as material, surface coating anti-UV power. ■Suitable for outdoor installation.
Solar & Grid Hybrid Solution For Telecom
- Easily retrofitted onto existing infrastructure. - Reduced co2 emissions. - Substantial savings on diesel use - up to 80% reduced OPEX. - Longer service intervals for DG sets - reduced use through efficient energy management. - Mitigation of the impact of diesel thief. - Improved asset life - extending operational life of DG sets. - Environmental friendly and no GHG produced;No fuel delivery problems. - Intelligent battery management; integrated remote monitoring.
Solar & Grid Hybrid Solution For Telecom
3G,4G, 5G base stations. Satellite communication ground stations. Other telecom applications. Off grid or unstable grid areas.
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