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CNM Series High Frequency Online Modular UPS

frequency-online modular UPS
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Product introduction:

The extremely dependable CNM series rack-mount modular UPS uninterruptible power supply system was created to to fulfill the more demanding needs of power systems. The system uses a structure of on-line double conversion and the operating method of three in, three out; the power system is made up of several linked individual power modules N+X parallel redundancy is achieved by operating in parallel with no main synchronization. backup tasks and significantly raises the system's overall dependability.


■ Mounted in a 19-inch rack, or scandal one.

■ 7-inch touch LCD with features.

■ Provides high reliability and environmental adaptability, including protection components.

■ With a power density of 20KW in 2U, it is space-efficient and easy to maintain.

■ Optional 30A charger module for extended backup usage.

modular UPS power management solutions

Extreme Reliability

The system is engineered for unparalleled dependability, ensuring a continuous power supply even under demanding conditions.

Advanced Conversion Technology

Featuring an on-line double conversion structure, it ensures that the power delivered to the load is clean and stable, mitigating the risk of any potential damage from voltage fluctuations.

Efficient Power Management

With a 'three in, three out' operating method, the system efficiently manages power input and output, enhancing performance and efficiency.

Modular Design

The system's modular design allows for easy expansion and customization to meet specific power requirements without compromising reliability.

N+X Parallel Redundancy

By operating multiple power modules in parallel without a main synchronization unit, the system achieves N+X parallel redundancy. This configuration not only distributes the load across multiple modules but also enables the system to continue operating even if one or more modules fail, significantly increasing overall system reliability.


Data Centers To ensure continuous operation of servers and critical equipment.

Telecom Infrastructure For base stations and switches that demand constant power.

Healthcare Settings Powering medical devices and systems essential for patient care.

Industrial Environments Keeping production lines and machinery running smoothly.

Financial Services Ensuring uninterrupted operations for banks and financial transactions.

Government Facilities Providing a stable power source for critical government functions.

IT Networks Sustaining operation of network hardware and enterprise-level computing.

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