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CNM Series Intelligent Modular UPS Three Phase In Three Phase Out 50-600KVA

uninterrupted power supply 50-600KVA
  • uninterrupted power supply 50-600KVA
  • intelligent modular UPS solutions
  • three phase ups
  • COOLNET UPS systems
Product introduction:

Introducing our CNM Series Modular UPS, engineered for seamless power management in diverse applications. With three-phase input and single-phase output capability, this UPS system guarantees reliability and efficiency for your critical power needs.

modular UPS

Versatile Configuration

Convert three-phase input power to single-phase output effortlessly, catering to a variety of equipment and applications.

Modular Architecture

Flexible and scalable design allows for easy expansion and customization, adapting to evolving power demands.

Hot-Swap Functionality

Streamline maintenance with hot-swappable modules, minimizing downtime and ensuring continuous operation.

Advanced Monitoring

Real-time monitoring and diagnostics provide insights into system performance, enabling proactive management and issue resolution.

High Efficiency

Utilize advanced technology for optimal energy efficiency, reducing operational costs and environmental impact.

UPS systems supplier


Seamlessly integrate with various setups and industries, from data centers to manufacturing plants, thanks to versatile configuration options.


Grow your power infrastructure effortlessly with our modular design, accommodating changing business needs without disruption.


Experience uninterrupted power supply with hot-swappable modules and advanced monitoring features, ensuring business continuity.


Optimize energy consumption with high-efficiency design, reducing operating expenses and carbon footprint.


Whether powering critical IT systems, industrial machinery, or healthcare equipment, our UPS system offers the reliability and adaptability you need.


Data Centers

Safeguard mission-critical servers and networking equipment, ensuring uninterrupted operation and data integrity.

Telecommunication Networks

Maintain seamless communication services with reliable power backup, ensuring uninterrupted connectivity.

Commercial Buildings

Provide backup power for essential systems like lighting, elevators, and security, enhancing tenant satisfaction and safety.

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