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Dual Cooling Precision AC System For Small And Medium Data Room

Product introduction:

The server in the data room generates a lot of heat when working. If you do not take cooling measures, the server may be burned down. To cool down in the machine room, special air conditioners must be used.

Cool-Smart Precision Air conditioner is a special air conditioner designed to solve the imbalance between high temperature and humidity in small and medium data center room.


1. The computer room air conditioner has the function of constant temperature and humidity; while ordinary air conditioners can only control cooling or heating, but cannot control humidity.

2. The air conditioner in the computer room can automatically adjust the temperature and humidity; while the ordinary control can only control the temperature, and the temperature cannot be automatically adjusted.

3. The accuracy of the temperature and humidity controlled by the air conditioner in the computer room is very high, the temperature can be accurate to ±1°C, and the humidity can be accurate to ±5%; while the temperature control accuracy of ordinary air conditioners is only ±3°C.

4. The cooling air ratio of the air conditioner in the computer room is relatively large, and the cooling air ratio is the ratio of the cooling capacity of the air conditioner to the air volume. The cold air ratio of ordinary air conditioners is about 3, while the cold air ratio of computer room air conditioners is about 5. The air conditioner in the computer room is designed with large air volume and small temperature difference to ensure that the indoor humidity will not rise sharply and cause high humidity while cooling down.

Dual Cooling Precision AC System For Small And Medium Data Room
  • 7" color touch controller, easy and convenient to operate
  • With 3 levels of password, set different operation levels
  • Standard RS485 interface, flexible networking monitoring mode
  • With 500 large capacity fault alarm records storage function
  • Can display the whole machine and parts running status and running time
  • All-day running design can guarantee the main equipment safe operation.
  • All parts had passed severe test and confirmed stable and reliable before delivery.
  • High energy efficiency
  • Sensible heat ratio is up to 91%.
  • Compressor energy efficiency ratio is over 3.1, and chilled water
  • Cooled unit’s cooling energy efficiency is larger than 25.
  • The optimal and high efficiency compressor and fans.




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