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Functional Power Distribution Units For Data Center

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Product introduction:

A Functional Power Distribution Unit (PDU) is a critical component in data center power management. It refers to an electrical component that is used to distribute power from an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) or a backup generator to various servers, networking equipment, and other IT infrastructure within a data center. The primary function of a PDU is to allocate power to different devices and to prevent overloading of the electrical circuits.

In a data center, power distribution units come in different types, including basic, metered, monitored, switched, and intelligent PDUs. 

Power Distribution Unit Rack Mount Functional Power Distribution Units For Data Center


Multiple outlets

Functional PDUs typically have multiple power outlets to distribute power to several servers or equipment in a rack.

Remote monitoring and control: Functional PDUs generally provide remote monitoring and control capabilities, allowing administrators to monitor power consumption, temperature and other important metrics from a central location.

Environmental sensors

Many functional PDUs include environmental sensors that can detect temperature, humidity, smoke and other environmental factors that can impact server performance and uptime.

Power metering and reporting

Functional PDUs often provide power metering and reporting capabilities, allowing administrators to track power usage and identify inefficiencies in power distribution.


Functional PDUs usually have redundant power supplies to ensure that servers and equipment remain powered in case of a power outage.

Overall, the key advantage of functional PDUs is that they provide administrators with detailed visibility and control over power usage and environmental conditions in the data center, helping to maximize uptime and efficiency.

power distribution units

Power management & monitoring

PDUs provide real-time power usage data, enabling administrators to monitor power consumption and identify areas of improvement.

Remote management

PDUs can be remotely controlled and managed, allowing administrators to perform tasks such as system resets and firmware updates from a central location.

Energy efficiency

PDUs can be designed to operate at high levels of efficiency, reducing power consumption and ultimately lowering energy costs.

Capacity planning

PDUs enable administrators to track power usage trends over time, allowing them to plan for future capacity needs and avoid unexpected outages.

Maintenance management

PDUs provide alerts for required maintenance, enabling administrators to schedule maintenance activities and minimize unplanned downtime.


Data Cabinet PDU


Power Distribution

PDUs are used to distribute power from the main power source to the various components of the data center, such as servers, storage systems, and networking equipment.

Monitoring and Control

PDUs can be used to monitor and control the power usage of individual devices in the data center, allowing for more efficient energy management.

Overload Protection

PDUs can provide overload protection by automatically shutting off power to a device if it is drawing too much current. This helps prevent damage to the device or other components in the data center due to excessive current draw. 4. Remote Management: PDUs can be managed remotely via a web interface or network protocol, allowing for easy monitoring and control of power usage from anywhere in the world.

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