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Power Up Your Data Center with Our Top-Rated Rack Power Distribution Unit

Power Distribution Unit data center
  • Power Distribution Unit data center
  • Power Up Your Data Center with Our Top-Rated Rack Power Distribution Unit
  • power distribution unit
Product introduction:

Maximize Data Center Efficiency with the Market-Leading Rack PDU
Coolnetpower’s rack PDU is designed to tackle the unique challenges of today’s high-density data centers through superior power monitoring and control at the rack level. As one of the top solutions for power distribution and management in data center racks, our PDU portfolio offers unparalleled reliability, functionality and energy savings benefits.

Rack Power Distribution Unit

High Current Capacity

Available in configurations supporting 6KW, 10KW and 15KW current loads for medium to high density racks.

Individual Circuit Protection

Thermal-magnetic circuit breakers or fuses protect against short circuits and overloads at each outlet.

Metered Outlets

Each outlet integrates precise power monitoring via an energy meter. Circuit level data is accessible through graphical displays, Web GUI or SNMP.

Environmental Sensors

Optional integrated temperature, humidity and leak detection sensors safeguard equipment from hot spots or spills.

Switched Outlets

Controlled outlets facilitate remote rebooting or load shedding of network devices without on-site maintenance.

Network Management

Built-in network ports connect the PDU to 10/100 Mbps Ethernet LANs for consolidated power management from a central platform.

Rack Power Distribution Unit

High Availability

Dual-cord support and optional automatic transfer switches maintain power redundancy for continuous availability. N+N configurations isolate racks as independent zones for maintenance downtime.

Energy Efficiency

Per rack/outlet metering and alerting identifies outlier loads for rightsizing or decommission. Switched outlets and programmable outlet groups enable intelligent load shedding avoiding unnecessary energy consumption. Integration with cooling infrastructure optimizes PUE.

Asset Management

Individual circuit protection prevents localized outages from failure propagation. Redundant power supplies maintain UPS runtime even during maintenance or upgrades. Rack/row level transfer switches split loads for phased renewals avoiding facility-wide shutdowns.

Capacity Planning

Historical metering data forecasts future infrastructure needs like power upgrades or additional cooling capacity. Usage tracking allocatespower budgets and partitions tenant utility bills.


Colocation and Cloud Data Centers

Optimizes resource use and operational excellence in mega hyperscale facilities.

Enterprise & On-premise Data Centers

Crucial for high-density virtualized server rooms power quality and capacity planning.

Banking & Financial

Enables business continuity through redundant power infrastructure for core transaction systems.

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